Sunday, September 12, 2010

I am not a thief!!... not anymore.

The other day, I heard the horribleist (new word o'the day) thing about someone.  It was awful!!  But as I was listening to it, I couldn't stop... I knew I shouldn't be allowing the other person to tell me the things she was saying, but as I said, I just couldn't NOT listen.   Mind you, as a counselor, I hear a LOT of things about a lot of people.  But, this wasn't in a counseling session.  This was in the grocery store standing there in the produce section.  As I left the store and reflected back on what she said, I was had such a feeling of dis-ease.  However, I was even more disturbed by my reaction to it.  I knew in my heart of hearts that what was told to me wasn't true.  Still, it made for great 'rumor'.  And, that's exactly what it was.  Rumor.  I was convicted at that point that I could either pass on what was said to me or let it die there.  Telling it to someone else, even veiled by, "You're not going to believe this and if you tell anyone I said it, I'll deny it", was titillating.  But, a rumor has a lifespan.  If you feed it, it continues to live.  Don't feed it (don't repeat it) and it dies.  I chose to let it die.  What good comes from hurting another person? To merely repeat something because it was said to me doesn't make it right.  It's stealing... or at least it's attempted theft.  And that's what gossip's attempted theft.  It's the attempt to take away, or do damage to, someone else's reputation.  So, starting today, that's it!  I'm NOT going to be a thief.  I'm not going to gossip.  Care to join me?

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why I've been MIA

Okay, I've not been around for awhile, but I have great reasons!!!  I had a housefull of children and grandchildren for 5 weeks.  I adored every single minute of it but it took every minute I had when I wasn't at work.  I didn't want to miss anything while they were here.  After they left, it took 48 hours to clean everything...not because they left it a mess, but because it kept my mind off the sudden quiet.  Well, that's not exactly true---my kitchen floor was so dirty, that walking across it in sock feet, I was guaranteed to step in some unknown substance and would walk right out of the sock!  That was followed by my 40th Class Reunion.  I look back on my years of school and am amazed that I was allowed to start school at 2.  No way am I old enough to be out for that many years!  It was faboo, though.  The MHS Class of '70 has turned out possibly the MOST "famous" people of all the classes!!!  More on them on another blog.

 Then, my DH (dear hubby) and I left for a week with two precious friends on an "eat your way through 3 states" tour.  Is it true that calories don't stick when they're consumed 100 miles away from your house?  I'll let you know later!  Anyway, I'm back and plan on getting back to the blog soon.  Let me hear from you!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Ready to pay higher income taxes? You're going to!

 2011 W-2 Tax Forms and Obamacare ---On your 2011 W-2, your employer will be required to report what they pay for your health insurance as additional gross INCOME for you.  At this point, you won't be taxed but it will be listed as 'additional information'.   It will NOT be taxed as 2010 income. However, depending on how mid-term elections turn out, it may very well change in 2011.  If the present majority remains in power, we will most assuredly be paying higher income taxes... this is how our government plans for us to  provide for those who cannot, or will not, pay for their own health care.   Please contact your representative(s) and ask if they are aware of this portion of the bill.  My guess is...most are not.  It's cleverly hidden in HR 3590. Source:   Title IX Revenue Provisions—Subtitle A.. Further reading if you're still interested: --oh one more kick in the knees:  Congress is exempt from having to pay the additional income tax.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A guest blogger's Pet Peeve

I received a call today that delighted me!!  A reader said that she was 'right there with me' on my blog about being invited to graduation ceremonies when I didn't really know the student.  She and I share another peeve and she asked if she could speak out!  I WELCOMED that and appreciate her sharing her opinion.  Let me say here, too, that anyone that would like to "have a say" in my blog, may certainly do so.  Just contact me and we'll make arrangements....and YES, you can stay anonymous on the blog. My email is:  Now, in her very own words, our guest blogger..

  I just would really like to know if, with the economy like it is (people out of jobs, looking for jobs, that need a job, and want a job), if I, myself, or somone else out there, needs to open up a card design business, that prints cutesy thank you cards, like all of these cutesy invitations to these cutesy gals bridal showers, baby showers, just plain All About Me showers, that I keep getting, and never get back a cutesy thank you from them.  You know, girls, I come from the ole school, where as soon as you received that precious gift for mini-ME, my Mama made sure that I immediately turned right around, and sat down (now this required some of my precious time) but I wrote that precious person that thought enough of me and my Mr. Right, and our new addition to the family enough to spend their time, and their money, to bless us with a gift.  Whatever they chose to buy us, was so appreciated.  Back in the day, I don't think they had such thing as a Santa Claus list, where I could just put my order in and tell everybody what I wanted, (in other words, what was GOOD ENOUGH for me).  Girls, I am so happy for you finding that knight in shining armor, and I hope you have beautiful healthy children, I really sincerely do, but just take some time away from having your french manicures, and pedicures, and air brushing your cutesy little Barbie bodies, to let us ole gals that are "old fashioned", and still live in the real world know that our gift is appreciated. We only get one Mama in this life, mine has gone on to live with Jesus, so if yours is still here, you are blessed, but don't leave it up to Mama to verbally let me know you appreciate my gift, because it's not Mama's place to start with, and second, and most important, you are going to want to teach your children two important words in their first vocabulary, and they are "Thank You", but if you don't teach them how to apply the meaning of these words, they are going to comprehend them as " I want, and I need".  I Love You, and I Look Forward to see what you come up with cutesy, to say thank you, You creative little thang.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"One nation under God" much longer???

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE politics.  It's consuming if you follow it, be it local or national.  I keep the news channel on all the time, volleying between FOX and CNN... can't stomach MSNBC.  I even sign on the computer and read several news sources there.  Look at North Carolina---a virtual unknown dude, who has been accused of showing porn to some young girl, who has no job and draws unemployment, sneaks in the political backdoor and gets his name on the ballot and, by cracky, he wins!!!  He's shaken 'em up in NC, for sure, teaching them that you don't assume anything in politics.  Just because your name is the best known doesn't give you a free ride.  Just ask the guy who has to battle against him in the next election.  Mr. Unknown won't win there but he's definitely had his 15 minutes.  Next door in South Carolina, a woman is facing a run-off today when it wasn't believed she'd get as far as she did.  Her opponent, a man, played hard and dirty---even questioning her conversion to Christianity and stopped short of calling her a tramp.  She showed him!!!  I say all that to briefly relate an incident:  the other day, a spirited conversation took place where I work between 2 opposing parties.  One group couldn't blast the pOTUS hard enough, telling it like it is including all the latest gaffs he's pulled concerning this oil crisis.  The other group couldn't praise him enough.  You get the picture.  But, what became clear is this:  some people simply don't pay attention to any of this, following blindly and applauding anything linked to this character's name....why? Because they don't know better.  If they actually did tune in, would they continue  to follow him?  Some would but some wouldn't.  A clear test is if our mayor decided to disallow Meridian from participating in the World Day of Prayer because it may "offend someone".  Can you imagine what would be said of her??? What if she were to decide that we'd pay homage to the Muslim faith on the grounds of City Hall?  She wouldn't make it home.  Well, that's exactly what our esteemed "leader" did....but, was much made of that nationally?...only if you looked really hard.  "One nation under God"?  ...looks like it won't be much longer if people don't wake up and really take a look at what's going on.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is the president thinking?

The only time I can recall getting involved in my children's school experience where I vehemently decried a teacher's decision was when the entire class was required to write an essay on cheating when it was discovered that only 2 students had cheated. I don't remember all the particulars, but I do recall that the assignment was revoked...well, that's not all I remember--I remember sitting in Principal Autry's office trying to articulate it as clearly as possible while praying that my neck wasn't too flushed.  The idea of group punishment for the sins of a few is as ridiculous as closing I-20 for 6 months because 2 cars collided.  Or, as crazy as saying that no one can purchase a vehicle from ABC Dealer because those 2 cars were purchased there.  I should not be punished for something YOU did.  Of course, there are exceptions:  speed limits were set because speeding can hurt ALL of us, no public smoking because of second-hand effects, etc.  But, those limitations are permanent protection.  We're not disallowed from speeding for 6 months so that we can all learn the lesson nor are we not allowed to smoke in a public building for only a few short months but can resume after the required "sit out" time.  Those things are permanent and they should be.  Get my point?  Good.   Now, will someone tell me why our president (not capitalized on purpose) thinks everyone should be punished because of one oil companies horrible actions??  Why should the good people who depend on the fishing industry to feed and clothe their families be penalized for the sins of BP?  Look, if I had a wreck at an intersection one time, you can bet your bippy that I'd be more cautious the next time I encountered that intersection even if the fender bender wasn't my error!!!  Does the pOTUS not think that other  companies would not be even MORE cautious of their drilling now that they've seen what could happen?  Does he not think that Americans have more sense???  It would seem to me that, given the immeasurable financial toll that this devastation in the Gulf is creating for the entire coastal region, he'd do all he could to infuse an off balance to their economy by allowing others to continue to generate prosperity!!  What a piece of work.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


You know...sometimes, there's just nothing more to say when you take picture of flowers.  These are on my front porch.  They're purple petunias with a light green edging.  'Nuff said.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paul McCartney.. stay home.

I don't know if you've paid attention amidst all the real news about the nightmare in our ocean.. but while our coastal neighbors were worrying about how they would make a living now that the oil on the beach has forever changed their lives...our president was being serenaded by Paul McCartney... on OUR tax dollar.  But, that's not what bothers me the most.  No.  What really gets my step-ins in a wad was McCartney's totally tasteless, unnecessary and definitely UNfunny remark about President Bush.  Maybe Mr. Mc deserves the Gershwin Award..woopie do...but to turn around and smack America in the face is beyond the reach of civility.  The award was given at the Library of Congress and after thanking the audience, he quipped how nice it was that "after 8 years to have a president who knows what a library is".   You know what, Paul, we wouldn't insult your queen.  We revere your royalty and pay them the utmost respect because that's how we do things here in America.  You were given the award by US and for you to turn around and insult us is pretty sorry.  Your rendition of Meeeechele to the first lady was touching but you shoulda stopped there---with singing.  Next time you're here, do us all a favor, just shut up and sing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who are you and why are you inviting me???

Overheard  between two recent high school graduates:   "Hey man, how much did you make off your graduation?"   "Man, I got almost six hundred dollars!  Lots of checks and some cash.  You?" 

...and so the conversation continued.   You may wish to blast me for  this blog, but blast away, at least I'm not "obligated" to send you a check.   Having said that, let me ask:  Am I obligated to give a gift to everyone that sends me an invitation?

 Yes, I know it's an accomplishment when one graduates from high school, but it used to be that it really was a big deal.  However, that was yeeearrrsss  ago.  Nowadays, high school graduation is pretty much a given.  The bigger deal is to graduate from college.  Look, I don't discount that there are many wonderful young people who have obtained the highest educational level that they'll be able to reach and it is for them that I truly celebrate.  I applaud them and will lavish them with praise and a check.  Now, back to the ones who we expected to graduate h.s. and for whom it's just a bump in their educational road to higher success.  I sit here looking at no less than 27 invitations to various graduation ceremonies and 6 of them I don't even know.  What's with that??   Do I plan to send them a gift?  Truth? No.  Thank you for letting me know that you made it.  I'm pleased for you.  Glad you made it.  Who are you?  

Yep, those of you reading this may have a whole new opinion of me but I'm willing to risk it.  I just don't think that graduation should be made into an easy 'money-making' venture nor do I think anyone should feel obligated to shell out moola to someone they don't know simply because the sender invested 43 cents to let me know they made it.  Perhaps your invitation should read:  "I graduated from high school.  Your prompt check will be appreciated".  But, to those of you who I've watched grow up, cheered your successes and actually feel a tweak of pride for you and for your parents, I will celebrate with you.  Watch the mail.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm a QVC Addict

Hello, my name is Sid and I am a QVC addict..... .  

And that's exactly how it'd be IF there were a support group for us. There should be!!!  I just ordered the Ninja Master Prep Professional Food and Drink Maker.  By June 10, I'll be whipping up strawberry diaqueries, iced coffees, and homemade soups.  I get giddy just thinking about putting the ground beef AND the cheese into the machine and mixing them together BEFORE I pat the burger out.  Oh my....wait.. ITALIAN ICE!!  I can't stand it... it's a "frozen banina" or something like that.,.. I couldn't hear the little guy over the sound of the powerful motor. BUT I DON"T CARE!... I'm going to be grinding out guacamole and my very own salsa while the rest of you poor dears are schlepping it to the grocery to buy that jarred stuff.  I think I'll hook up my web cam and do my own in-kitchen demos for you that weren't fast enough to get your own thingamajig.  Oh, gee whiz....they've just taken that one off the air and just in time!  I got it ordered!!  I got it ordered!!!! UPS is coming to my house!  I can just imagine the thrill of the doorbell.  I'll let you know when I'll be firing up the webcam.  Stay tuned....

And, by looking at what Jane (the QVC hostess that is my BFF), is pushing now--YIKES! ....the clock is ticking and they've already sold 28,670 and there's only 36 seconds left..... I'm going to be chopping, dicing and mixing wearing a new Flower and Solid Turble Twist Hair Towel.  And it comes in a pack of 6!!!

I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!   This is too much. I've gotta go lie down.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Recovering from Vacations

Back to the grind...  have been gone to the beach for a solid week!  It was beautiful, weather perfect, surrounded by 2 precious grand babies and 2 of our 4 children, no oil in sight, no crowds, pure delight.  So, why do I feel like poopookaka?  Could it be because I actually SAW myself in a swim suit and made up my mind that, as soon as I got home, I'd hit the ground running with exercise??  Yep.  I did.  So, for 2 days, I've water jogged in the pool wearing 3 pound weights on both ankles plus weights on my wrists.  I even went walking for an additional 3 miles afterward.  After 6 days of unrepentant snacking, unbiblical gorging, and voracious grazing, I deserved post-vacation exercise pain. Well, it's time to get ready for work and  I can't move.  I'm 'stove up' from sleeping like a potential corpse brought on by all that stupid exercise. What was I thinking??  What made me think that I could pay for 6 days of "calories don't stick when you're out of town" thinking with just 2 days of "a little exercise and this will fall off" behavior modification?  I must have been out of my mind!  Well, I've learned something valuable about myself.  ... something that I think I'll be embracing from now on:  I shed guilt a lot faster and easier than pounds.  So, with that new resolve, I'm calling in sick claiming that I'm suffering from post-vacation exhaustion and then, I'm headed back to bed!!!  Happy Last Week of May everyone! 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let's talk about affairs.....

Okay, this topic is "heavy', but I feel the need to say it.  As a Counselor, I see a LOT of married people...well, truth be told, I see a lot of ONE part of the married couple.  I've been a Counselor since 1974 and so I've seen and heard a LOT.  More often than not, the one I see is the wife.  So, it is with that in mind, I'm simply going to make some observations that are directed to the husbands....
1)..  The phrase, "We're just good friends" doesn't wash. " Good friends" are generally not a man and a woman nor do they  spend countless hours on the cell phone either in conversation or in texts.
2)...  I know that the 'new woman' is fresh and exciting, but don't fool yourself into thinking her breath won't smell and she won't nag.  One day, she'll be just like the woman you married that you think is so 'yesterday'.  All new brooms sweep clean.
3)... Don't think that your new relationship will last.  If it was born from an adulterous affair, it's foundation is made of sand.  Trust me.  You've fallen for a cheater.  So has she.  Who can trust a cheater??
4)...When you divorce your spouse, you divorce your children.  You and your wife were their foundation.  You've cracked it.
5)... Talking ugly about your ex or soon-to-be-ex to your children is sending the message to them that part of them is "bad".  They are half you/half mom.  You're telling them that half of them is no good.
6)... No matter how much you think you'll be in the lives of your children and that it won't change a're wrong.  Picture another man (woman) parenting your children.  It's going to happen.  And you can't do a blame thing about it.
7)...If you're divorced and you keep taking your ex back to court over child support, you're doing nothing but using your children as a source of income.

....There's plenty more where that came from and I might get into it later in another blog. I've just been so burdened by several counseling cases I've been involved in lately and felt the need to say some of these things.  If it pertains to you, I hope you'll heed my expertise.  If none of this pertains to you, forgive me for getting off the path.  

Whew!  I feel better.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's quiet in the hospital room.....

I knock softly on the hospital door hoping not to disturb anyone in the room.  Slowly, quietly, I open the door and peek in.  The room is quiet; no one stirs.  I look at the patient and I see the face of an elderly and beautiful woman.  She's White.  She's Black.  She's Indian.  It doesn't matter.  Etched on that face are wrinkles that life put there, formed by years of devotion, joy, sadness, pride and determination that her children would grow in the love and admonition of the Lord.  God chose this woman to be the mother to the children He gave to her--- to mold into His image through her heart and hands.  The covers are pulled up to her chin.  I can see nothing of her other than her face.  But, I know.  I know she's a GOOD mother.  How do I know?  Because sleeping on the sofa beside her hospital bed, having kept vigil all night, is her adult child.  It's her son.  It's her daughter. It doesn't matter.  That person is there because he or she loves the woman in the bed...the same woman that, years and years earlier, sat by the crib that held her child, that listened to her baby's breathing, that touched the child's soft cheeks and marveled at this creation she had a part in. But life has come full circle.  The baby now keeps vigil...  I stand there and hear soft breathing and  I know they're dreaming..different dreams yet common dreams from memories made together in a life that they shared. Their days are numbered and they want to spend the few they have left together.  That is as it should be.  They were together when it started.  They should be together when it ends.  Her work is done yet it will go on as the circle her love is passed to the next generation and the one after that.....until that day.... May everyday be Mother's Day.  

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Producers

Oh my stars!  What a delightful evening I shared with a friend... well, a room full of the Meridian Little Theater last night.  I wasn't really sure how they were gonna pull off something as challenging as The Producers, but they did it!  It was pure charm and fun.  As Berryl was saying as we exited, "I didn't think it'd be very good since it was about Nazi's", but she was as surprised as I.  It just was.  Jimmy Pigford and his crew has given us another hit and if you have time, go!  If you don't have time, make it!  Tickets are still available and the show just opened last night so there's plenty of time to find a couple of free hours to sit back and be thoroughly entertained.  If you miss it, then grab the next copy of 393 because Joy was there snapping away---and looking cuter than a newborn pup---and you'll get to see who all showed up!  Be there or be square., off to find a small little something for a small little mom who is the best momma in the world.. MINE!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who me? Get a Tattoo???

There are some really interesting things about getting older....face it:  we all are doing just that.  You have to embrace it, girls!!!  There were so many fads I bought in to growing up...bobby socks, "falls"(hair pieces), big ole teased hump on the top of your head (today someone's making a mint selling 'em as "Bump-its"), hip huggers (yes they're back), tent dresses, circle pins, side-hanging ponytails, add-a-bead necklaces, charm bracelets...the list goes on and on.  But, one fad we would NEVER have thought of was getting a tattoo. stars!!!  I remember when it was the big thing to get your ears pierced.  We were warned about the permanency of those holes in our ears.  But a tattoo???  And, now they're appearing everywhere---on girls---YOUNG girls.  Hey, I'm all for you expressing yourself. Knock yourself out.  If you want to pierce your tongue, go ahead.  Wanna wear 14 studs in each ear, be my guest.  But a tattoo.  Well, let me warn you:  One day your body is going to produce it's own little set of art work.  It'll show up while you sleep and in places that makeup won't cover up---unless you want to put the ole makeup base on the back of your hands and across your chest.  But be forewarned:  any flower you put on your boobettes will eventually be a long stemmed one.  A butterfly peaking out over your thongs today will be looking out at the world over Depends. And your ankles most likely won't be spared either.  Cute today: covered by ankle fat tomorrow.  Sorry, girls.  Those are the rules.  You'll learn as we more mature babes are learning:  one day whatever you've got is going to grow wider, longer or leak.  Have a nice day.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Saying goodbye to Frank Tucker, MD....

It's happened to everyone but we're never ready.  You have a wonderful chat with a dear friend or loved one on one day and then "the call" comes...they're "gone" forever.  You can't believe what you're hearing on the other end of the call. " It can't be!"  "I was just talking to them yesterday!".... And so it was for me and my good friend, Dr. Frank Tucker, Surgeon.  Our offices are next door to each other and almost daily we had a moment of cutting up, or political yak-yak, or whatever.  I say he was a dear friend....anyone that knew him be it family, patient or friend, would call him the same thing.. "a dear friend".  He was intensely opinionated  and never waivered or backed down, stood toe to toe with you if your opinion differed, but still allowed you to have your say.  There are some people who come into your life and make a dent in your world.. and Frank Tucker was just such a man.  How blessed so many of us are to have been allowed the privilege of sharing this planet with him and we are the better for it.  I'll miss his elevator jokes, hearing him whistle, sharing lunch, and just knowing he was there.   Thank you for all you gave us,  Dr. T...but I find solace in day....I'll be seeing you.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just watch my me create a centerfold!

Okay, most mothers may want their daughters to marry a doctor, lawyer or engineer.  Not me. Nope. I begged my daughters to marry a landscape architect. You see,  I believe that a man that piddles in his garden ought to be able to use those skills in other areas---areas that I'd leave to my daughters.  But, their skill in the dirt is what I was interested in!!!  But did my daughters do what I asked???     One has only  to drive by my house to know the answer to that.  A pharmacist and a biological researcher produce only one thing:  beautiful grandchildren, but that doesn't do pip-didley for my flower beds, ya know??  So, here it is...a beautiful Spring and I'm all over the stores drooling over the flats of flowers but as confused as a Midol in a man's body.  Okay.  Give me time... I'm going to make it work.  Its not going to be easy...oh, and WARNING:  anyone driving by my house in the late afternoon is liable to get a headlight full of my behind bent over pulling weeds and talking to bulbs.  But, I'm determined!  I'm a woman with garden gloves and I"m not afraid to use 'em!  I plan to have my flower beds be the next Burpee Catalogue Centerold.  Stay tuned!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Mr. C and I and a dear couple friend of ours zipped down to New Orleans this weekend for a quick one night trip.... the weather can only be described as delicious.  It just so happened to be the weekend that there was a Republican Leadership Conference and the French Quarter Festival but neither of those are what we went for!.. Nope.. we went to see WICKED and it was just that!!!!....Wonderful....It was my second time to see it but this time I actually got most of it.  The subtleties were so wonderful and it was absolutely captivating! It's a must see!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love, Sidney--where'd it go?

Many people have asked me what happened to the advice column, Love Sidney, that was in the Meridian Star a year or so ago.  A little history first.. the Star had asked me to consider writing a column about..well "anything"...or more specifically...."what all you do".  I couldn't even begin to imagine anything more boring for anyone to read so after a nanno-second of thought, I graciously thanked them with a "no".  Later, they asked, given my degrees and experience in counseling, would I consider an advice column.  Thinking that might be fun, I agreed and "Love, Sidney" was born.  I had the column for a little over a year and then decided to let it go by the wayside.  I received many letters and emails but many of them became the same thing or same topic...variety disappeared mainly because we're all basically alike.  Since then, I've had many, many, many people ask me to bring it back---purely for the entertainment factor I'm sure rather than my profound wisdom and circumspection (and ability to use big ole fancy words like circumspection).  So, I offer to you through my blog, the opportunity to give me your input on this.  Do you think we need an advice column?  Should it come back like hip huggers did or should it stay gone like hip huggers should have?  Feel free to respond here or contact me via email.  Until advice:  avoid pollen.  Smart, aren't I?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Whoever he or she was....they reminded me to Love You!

I stay glued to the tube---be it radio or television and it's always on the news.  I go between FOX and CNN.  There's no way to listen to either station and not become jaded.  To hear it told, no one likes anyone that differs in opinion.  You didn't vote for the President?  You're doomed to H*** and obviously are a racist.  You did vote for the current President?  Well, then obviously, you're an amoral moron.  You get my point. It's hard not to hear all of that and start to think that God is on vacation, that His people are wrapped up in hate and loathing.  Yep, I was pure-D-jaded.  That is...until yesterday when strangers on North Hills Street reminded me that our God is still in control and that we are still bound by love and respect for one another. How did this come to me?... by virtue of an unknown person who had passed from this life.  I don't know who he or she was. I don't know their race or their family background.  What I do know is that his or her last act to the people that were left behind was to remind us that life is precious.  Right there, on North Hills Street and on to their final destination, we put our differences  aside and pulled over or stopped in the middle lane of the street to pay our last respects to that sister or brother.  We stopped our crazy lives long enough to be reminded that life is precious and so was that person.  That no matter what's happening in Washington or Jackson or wherever, we Southerners love one another and respect the departed and support the survivors.  They saw it as we stopped our lives long enough to embrace theirs.  May we remember, always, that there's a magnificent God who loves us all despite our spots and dots and He asks for nothing more than the same from us. May your Easter be one of love for strangers and a reminder to forgive everyone. Life Resurrected. He lives!!!

Saturday, March 27, 2010

The DL's of Olde Poplar Place Apartments

Today, as Mr. C and I were walking----what a day for a walk it was!!!!---we decided to drop in on "Mrs. Margurite" who had been assigned to him, as a Deacon,  to check on now and then.  We knocked on her door and a cheery "Come in" reminded me of one of the beautiful things that makes this town so special.  At first I thought to myself, "Oh, that's not safe!  You don't know who's outside your door"...but no sooner had we opened her door, I realized that she was quite safe!!!  As we stepped inside to visit, suddenly there were two other dear ladies at the door outside.  They had come to check on their make sure that she was safe.  What a sign of love!!!  Right there at Old Poplar Place Apartments, there's a coalition of DL's (Delightful Ladies) who are family, who watch out for one another, who show what good old Southern Charm is all about!!!  I can't tell you what that did for my heart!!!  But,  isn't that what it's all about?? .. In your senior years to still have the quiet company of others who only want the  best for you and are there to protect you just at the sound of a doorbell!!

  Our visit ended and as we walked off, admiring Mrs. Wilma's gorgeous flowers on the corner, I sent up a prayer of thanks for Southern Women, Southern Charm and Southern Graciousness.    Yes, Southern Graciousness...that rare spirit that is serene, quiet, peaceful but strong-- VERY Strong!!  Mr. C and  I knew that Mrs. Margurite was safe. And how did we know?   Because behind all  that Southern Charm and Graciousness, are women who are willing to grab an iron skillet and  whack the devil outta anyone that dares to mess with their friends!  God Love 'Em!!!!

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Making the men feel better

My precious friend, Joy (whom I affectionately call Pickles and I have no idea why---it just seems right) made some great points in her latest blog post...she's one of my Blisits (Blogs I Visit).  Anyway, in talking about men being "bad" patients, I have to agree in so many respects!!!  But, as a Patient Advocate, one of my jobs is to make sure our patients are more than satisfied with their hospital stay.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE my job---and believe me, it's a JOB--but, one thing I've learned that make our men patients happy is a (drum roll please)...REMOTE CONTROL!!!.  You know how it is.  You're in an uncomfortable bed, your boohiney exposed to the world by those attractive gowns, and there's that dreaded remote control that makes you loop all 68 channels to get back to the channel you want!!  But not at "my" hospital.  I learned early on...hand the man a REAL remote control and he's a happy camper!  Yep.  Simple.  I bought about 5 one day and tested my remote theory.  In fact, one precious patient was so enamored by his stay and his personal remote, that he actually made a donation to our hospital to ensure that I had plenty of those medical gadgets for anyone needing one!!!  Yep.  That did it.  So, now, if you come to 'my' hospital, you'll not only get the best medical care, you'll also have your own remote about "The Life of Riley"!!!!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm hooked on the WWF

I am SO into the WWF. More specifically, Words With Friends.. it's a great free app on the iPhone and it's positively addicting.  You play with a friend who has an iPhone sending a play back and forth.  No need to sit still and wait, though.  It waits for you!!!!  Have a few minutes standing in the grocery line?  Pull out the old iPhone and see if you can play some letters.  Waiting for the car to fill up?  Pull it out and see if it's your turn to play!!!  It is SUCH fun and it's great exercise for the ole brain.  After you get will, I promise!...on the free one, buy the app.. it's only $2.99.  Make up a name for yourself and then send me a request to play!!!  ImHoney is my name! Come on!....get hooked on the WWF!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Go away, Nancy

Okay, this is political...and catty....I'll claim it:  I can't stand Nancy Pelosi.  I'm not talking her political stance though that's enough to make me kick a brick, but her....well, I don't know what it is I can't stand.  Is it that she gives women in politics a bad name?  Not necessarily---there are dozens of others that do that.  Is it her false smile?  Her false teeth?  Her false sincerity?  Possibly all of that...but, I don't think that's it.  Abraham Lincoln once said, "I met a man I don't like.  I must get to know him".  Well, apply that to ole Nance...I don't like her.  But I don't really want to get to know her.  I think we "know" all there is to know.  I think what bothers me is that, intrinsically, women are nurturers. We care about others.  We jump to the aid and defense of children even if we've never birthed any.  We have compassion and heart.  Nancy simply doesn't exude any qualities that I think our magnificent gender has been blessed with by our Creator.  Yep, that's it in a nutshell.  She's a bully and I don't like bullies.  But more than that, I don't like bullies with false teeth, false sincerity or false smiles.  Go away, Nancy, just go away.  (whew, I feel better)Balloons.png

Saturday, March 13, 2010

The cutest little sewing shop!!!!

imgres.jpg       I found the cutest little shop today!!!!  Oh my stars!!!!  And, it's off of NORTH HILLS STREET...perfect location for me and my lazy self.....The Stitchery...has fabrics and threads and yarn, yarn, and more yarn!!!  Lots of notions.  I am so geeked about, I don't sew like I used to, but there's just something about having this kind of little shop close to me when I need something like this!!!!  Makes me want to break out the ole sewing machine again!!!!  Mary owns the shop and told me we can even get hooked up for lessons---Oh My Stars!!!---how cool is that??!!!  The only downside is that I asked her if she knew anyone that might want all my unfinished projects.....I love to start projects but the finishing is a little, um, weak  shall we say.....So far, nope.  No one has come in asking if she sells unfinished projects, but she'll call me if they do!!!!  I'm totally geeked about this.. and this is NOT a commercial...just one of those moments that any of us ya-yas can understand!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Love it/Hate it.

I love/hate days like this!!!  There's a definite hint of Spring in the air!!! ...LOVE IT.  But, if Spring is in the air, then here comes the pollen... HATE IT.  When the weather gets like this, I have big plans for my flower beds...LOVE IT.  But, it's early yet and the nurseries don't have any flats of flowers..HATE IT.  Spring means that I'm going to have a clean house...LOVE IT.  But, the only way to have a clean house is to actually clean it.. HATE IT.  Spring means an extra hour of daylight.. LOVE IT.  But, I have to set my clock back an hour Saturday night and lose an hour of much needed sleep...HATE IT.  Spring means that it won't be long before I'll be exercising in our pool... LOVE IT.  Which means I have to put on a swim suit...HATE IT.  Such conflict. So, here's how I handle it...too early to put on the swim suit, no flowers to plant, pollen is about to hit so why bother cleaning, can't do a ding dong thing about changing the clock, and if I can't exercise in the pool, might as well go buy some do-nuts.. LOVE IT.

Monday, March 8, 2010

Who Are You Wearing?

The Oscars...hmmm...   Who were some of those people?  I haven't been to a movie since Titanic so I must confess I was lost on some of the WhoIsIts.  But, what I found interesting were the gowns.  Some were gorgeous, some were silly and some were scary.  Then someone sticks a mic into a star's face and asks, "Who are you wearing?"  ..and she says, "Miki Niki Moron", or someone like that.  If they stick a mic in my face and ask who I'm wearing, they're likely to get, "DHP" (Dillard's Half Price).  Why do we care who they're wearing??  I'd rather ask 'em if the dressing room was missing a mirror that day.  I mean, am I that much of a redneck to not care "who they're wearing"?  I think I'll try that the next time I'm at Piggly Wiggly and see someone I know...I'm going up to 'em and ask "Who are you wearing" and see what answer I get.  I'll get back to you on that one.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eww...what's with the hair???

Okay, I've made my point about bare legs in the winter .. and thanks ladies...I'm all about tights too!...but now, will  someone tell me this:  what's with the "messed up hair look"?  I don't get it?? Are we supposed to rise in the morning and mess our hair up worse than what the pillow did?  I see these stars on tv with elaborate gowns on and their hair looks like a cow has been licking it.  If the wind blows, do they get happy 'cause the hair looks worse??  One girl I know works hard to make hers look like what can only be described as a bird's nest.  Okay, mine's not wonderful, granted, but I do own a comb and i'm not afraid to use it.  Can someone tell me why it's supposed to be messy? 

Saturday, February 27, 2010

bare nekkid legs

First, let me say----this post is not deep.'s just necessary---for my mental health.  Read on:
Is it me or does anyone else think that in the middle of winter, women and girls look silly without hose on?  I mean, when did they change that rule?  Are we not supposed to wear hose anymore?  Gee whiz...that's just one trend that is, to me, u.g.l.y.  I'm not saying the gals are ugly---certainly not---but what's with having a darling dress or skirt on, cute little sweater or heavy coat on and  BARE legs?? When did that become a fashion statement?  Sorry, I'm going to have to just look "old fashioned" way will I inflict these bare legs on anyone during the winter.  Can anyone convince me otherwise or am I just getting    old??? 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dress Rehearsal for MLT

So, tonight at the Meridian Little Theater, the girls of the Dixie Swim Club finished our last partial dress rehearsal.  Tomorrow night (Wednesday) is the official dress rehearsal where we have an audience made up of a few friends and some family members who have bought a ticket for the dress rehearsal.  Each play, we are also graced with some other very special guests...various patients from East Mississippi State Hospital.  These precious souls love to come to the plays and are always so appreciative of what we have to offer from the stage.  The official night of opening is Thursday---black tie, cocktail dress, or fancy schmancy Sunday school attire...but, it's dress rehearsal Wednesday that we seem to aim for. We've been told that most of the performances are already sold out, but I understand there are still seats available for the final performance .. Wednesday, March 3.. it's a general admission---no reserved seating.  So, if you'd like to enjoy a couple hours of giggles and pure entertainment...give the theater a call (601-482-6371)!  We'd love to have you there!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pointy little boobie cups

Well, it's the weekend for the Miss Meridian Pageant.  I only found that out about an hour ago!  I didn't even know that we still had that pageant.  Yet, it was HUUUGGGEEE  way back when...well, when I was in it!  It was so long ago that Moses was the emcee.  In fact, when I was in it, we had to have the dreaded bathing suit competition. It was so long ago, that I actually had a figure and didn't mind wearing the white, one piece suit with the modesty panel (remember those?  if you don't, don't ask).. and the pointy little boobie cups.  It was so long ago that there was very little of ME in those little pointy things!  45 years later, Madonna wears the same looking thing out on stage and makes megabucks!..but I digress.  Anyway, tomorrow night 5 young women will be competing for the "crown" (heck, they may give an ipod now instead of a crown).. I'm telling you, it was a lonnngggg time ago since I was on that stage.  At any rate, whomever the winner is, she gets to go on to the Miss Mississippi Pageant in Vicksburg.  when she gets there, though, many things will be the same:  she'll be nervous, scared and shaking, her parents will be prouder than than the winning pig at the county fair and she'll still be wearing a bathing suit in front of a gazillion people.  One thing, however, will definitely be different... she won't be sportin' no pointy little boobies looking like two weapons of mass destruction.  Good luck girls!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Dixie Swim Club

Rehearsals are well underway for MLT's next production of the Dixie Swim Club... what a hoot and holler to be "playing" with 4 terrific women---now BFF's!! If you want a couple hours of laughter and "Oh, that is SOOO me!!", then give Meridian Little Theater a buzz and ask for tickets!!! Come on!! Let's Play!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ever had one of "those days"?

Today is one of those know the kind. Your day is lined up for you with things to do and none of them anything you really particularly want to do. As I go through the day, I check off each chore and look toward the rest of the things waiting on me. But, I see the end of this day coming, thankful that I've made it and no one had to die in the process (okay, that was a tasteless joke). Then, it dawns on me. Yikes! I only have so many days on this earth and I just wished this one away. That was stupid, wasn't it?? Okay, that's it! I'll do better tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll read some of my book I'm trying to get through, I'll eat something "illegal" (sugar content high) and will tell at least one joke to someone. That way, the day won't be a total waste. Wait...tomorrow should be GREAT... it's my birthday. I know what I'll do...I'll look for a new spot to show up on my body. They always do.