Friday, May 7, 2010

The Producers

Oh my stars!  What a delightful evening I shared with a friend... well, a room full of the Meridian Little Theater last night.  I wasn't really sure how they were gonna pull off something as challenging as The Producers, but they did it!  It was pure charm and fun.  As Berryl was saying as we exited, "I didn't think it'd be very good since it was about Nazi's", but she was as surprised as I.  It just was.  Jimmy Pigford and his crew has given us another hit and if you have time, go!  If you don't have time, make it!  Tickets are still available and the show just opened last night so there's plenty of time to find a couple of free hours to sit back and be thoroughly entertained.  If you miss it, then grab the next copy of 393 because Joy was there snapping away---and looking cuter than a newborn pup---and you'll get to see who all showed up!  Be there or be square., off to find a small little something for a small little mom who is the best momma in the world.. MINE!

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