Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is the president thinking?

The only time I can recall getting involved in my children's school experience where I vehemently decried a teacher's decision was when the entire class was required to write an essay on cheating when it was discovered that only 2 students had cheated. I don't remember all the particulars, but I do recall that the assignment was revoked...well, that's not all I remember--I remember sitting in Principal Autry's office trying to articulate it as clearly as possible while praying that my neck wasn't too flushed.  The idea of group punishment for the sins of a few is as ridiculous as closing I-20 for 6 months because 2 cars collided.  Or, as crazy as saying that no one can purchase a vehicle from ABC Dealer because those 2 cars were purchased there.  I should not be punished for something YOU did.  Of course, there are exceptions:  speed limits were set because speeding can hurt ALL of us, no public smoking because of second-hand effects, etc.  But, those limitations are permanent protection.  We're not disallowed from speeding for 6 months so that we can all learn the lesson nor are we not allowed to smoke in a public building for only a few short months but can resume after the required "sit out" time.  Those things are permanent and they should be.  Get my point?  Good.   Now, will someone tell me why our president (not capitalized on purpose) thinks everyone should be punished because of one oil companies horrible actions??  Why should the good people who depend on the fishing industry to feed and clothe their families be penalized for the sins of BP?  Look, if I had a wreck at an intersection one time, you can bet your bippy that I'd be more cautious the next time I encountered that intersection even if the fender bender wasn't my error!!!  Does the pOTUS not think that other  companies would not be even MORE cautious of their drilling now that they've seen what could happen?  Does he not think that Americans have more sense???  It would seem to me that, given the immeasurable financial toll that this devastation in the Gulf is creating for the entire coastal region, he'd do all he could to infuse an off balance to their economy by allowing others to continue to generate prosperity!!  What a piece of work.


  1. The next two years can't go by quick enough until we have the chance to get someone in there that is better than he proven to be.