Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who me? Get a Tattoo???

There are some really interesting things about getting older....face it:  we all are doing just that.  You have to embrace it, girls!!!  There were so many fads I bought in to growing up...bobby socks, "falls"(hair pieces), big ole teased hump on the top of your head (today someone's making a mint selling 'em as "Bump-its"), hip huggers (yes they're back), tent dresses, circle pins, side-hanging ponytails, add-a-bead necklaces, charm bracelets...the list goes on and on.  But, one fad we would NEVER have thought of was getting a tattoo. stars!!!  I remember when it was the big thing to get your ears pierced.  We were warned about the permanency of those holes in our ears.  But a tattoo???  And, now they're appearing everywhere---on girls---YOUNG girls.  Hey, I'm all for you expressing yourself. Knock yourself out.  If you want to pierce your tongue, go ahead.  Wanna wear 14 studs in each ear, be my guest.  But a tattoo.  Well, let me warn you:  One day your body is going to produce it's own little set of art work.  It'll show up while you sleep and in places that makeup won't cover up---unless you want to put the ole makeup base on the back of your hands and across your chest.  But be forewarned:  any flower you put on your boobettes will eventually be a long stemmed one.  A butterfly peaking out over your thongs today will be looking out at the world over Depends. And your ankles most likely won't be spared either.  Cute today: covered by ankle fat tomorrow.  Sorry, girls.  Those are the rules.  You'll learn as we more mature babes are learning:  one day whatever you've got is going to grow wider, longer or leak.  Have a nice day.


  1. HAHAHAHA - exactly!! And no - I won't be getting a tattoo... EVER!

  2. always wanted one but was too chicken--hubby has enough for me LOL-he got them when he was a young army guy...he regrets a few of them...yeah some days I think of how they will look on him when he's 90 LOL

  3. LOL......I loved the part about the flower becoming a long stemmed one; this is so true. :-)