Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ever had one of "those days"?

Today is one of those know the kind. Your day is lined up for you with things to do and none of them anything you really particularly want to do. As I go through the day, I check off each chore and look toward the rest of the things waiting on me. But, I see the end of this day coming, thankful that I've made it and no one had to die in the process (okay, that was a tasteless joke). Then, it dawns on me. Yikes! I only have so many days on this earth and I just wished this one away. That was stupid, wasn't it?? Okay, that's it! I'll do better tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll read some of my book I'm trying to get through, I'll eat something "illegal" (sugar content high) and will tell at least one joke to someone. That way, the day won't be a total waste. Wait...tomorrow should be GREAT... it's my birthday. I know what I'll do...I'll look for a new spot to show up on my body. They always do.


  1. Hi Sidney, I found your blog from Joy's.
    I hope you have a wonderful birthday
    tomorrow. Presley has THE most beautiful
    eyes I've ever seen!

    Susie Morgan

  2. Love this! And I think we all have "that kind of day" all the time. It's sad that we do wish our lives away but I seem to do that every Monday... always wishing for Friday!! On a lighter note...

    Happy Happy HAPPY Birthday Ho!

  3. Joy, you're a mess.. and not everyone will understand the "HO" part... I'll have to straighten that out----later. It's been a great new spots so far. Your day will come when you know what I'm referring to!

    Susie....I'm sooo glad to know you blog!!! Looking forward to more!

  4. Hey Mrs. Sidney! Just came across your blog! Love it! :) Your grandkids are beautiful! I know I will enjoy following your blog! ~Cathy (I have 2 blogs - &

  5. Cathy girl!! Great to hear from you!!! Let's have fun!!!!!

  6. Sidney I am soooo glad to see you are blogging! I have missed reading your column in the Meridian star- yea it's been a while, but you always managed to make me smile! Can't wait to read more! Have a wonderful day!! ::)