Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dress Rehearsal for MLT

So, tonight at the Meridian Little Theater, the girls of the Dixie Swim Club finished our last partial dress rehearsal.  Tomorrow night (Wednesday) is the official dress rehearsal where we have an audience made up of a few friends and some family members who have bought a ticket for the dress rehearsal.  Each play, we are also graced with some other very special guests...various patients from East Mississippi State Hospital.  These precious souls love to come to the plays and are always so appreciative of what we have to offer from the stage.  The official night of opening is Thursday---black tie, cocktail dress, or fancy schmancy Sunday school attire...but, it's dress rehearsal Wednesday that we seem to aim for. We've been told that most of the performances are already sold out, but I understand there are still seats available for the final performance .. Wednesday, March 3.. it's a general admission---no reserved seating.  So, if you'd like to enjoy a couple hours of giggles and pure entertainment...give the theater a call (601-482-6371)!  We'd love to have you there!


  1. What to wear.... WHAT TO WEAR??? I swear Sidney, there is nothing in the closet that fits anymore!! Can I come Thursday night in my pjs! LOL Kidding - only kidding. I will be in something... just have no clue at this point. Oh and not only do I have to dress myself...Terry said you have to pick out my clothes, too! Oh boy... you'll definitely want to see us to see what we come up with! Can't wait to hoot and holler! See you tomorrow night!

  2. Sidney!
    I just saw that you have a blog (from over at Facebook). Welcome to the bloggy world, it is so much fun. I have been blogging for a few years now and am actually working on a women's blog conference here in Arkansas.

    I would love to see pictures of your neighbor's home (my grandfather's place) when you get time.
    (aka The Park Wife, www.theparkwife.blogspot.com)

  3. Stephanie!!!! I'm soooo glad to connect with you here!!! I'm so new to blogging ...in fact, I'm still a bit awkward with it. As to your grandfather's place.. it's coming along. We're thrilled with it and I know you would be. Right now, it has a bit of a facelift look even though there's not too many changes. The touches will come later. But, a major thing he's done is he's removed the "wing" that was added onto the back. I think he's going to restore the house to its original look.

    If you'll walk me through how to post pics on this, I'll be glad to try. I'll be glad to email you some shots or if your cellphone takes texted pics, I can send a few all along. Just let me know.

    Look forward to blogging with you. (I'll also try to remember how to put your blog as one I'm following)... hang in there with me!


  4. Sidney-
    Once you are in your box where you are typing your post, there is a box right next to your spell checker that is a box with a sky and grass. Click that to add a picture within the body of your blog post.You will be able to upload a picture. Below that, I recommend your layout being center.

    There is so much more you can do, you should check out some the the real popular women bloggers, you will learn some tips and ideas. Google Pioneer Woman (she is extraordinary, and she makes a ton of money on her blog) also do you know Sophie Sims (she grew up in Meridian, is 2 years older than me but was in Dustys with me?) She is BooMama, she is a very poplular blogger too.

    Good luck! Oh, and the one thing to know going in, do not feel pressured to post everyday or make a plan to post x times a week, it will become more like something yo uhave to do than fun.

    When you have time, will you email me pics to buckatwos at gmail dot com of grandaddy's house? Thanks so much!