Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just watch my me create a centerfold!

Okay, most mothers may want their daughters to marry a doctor, lawyer or engineer.  Not me. Nope. I begged my daughters to marry a landscape architect. You see,  I believe that a man that piddles in his garden ought to be able to use those skills in other areas---areas that I'd leave to my daughters.  But, their skill in the dirt is what I was interested in!!!  But did my daughters do what I asked???     One has only  to drive by my house to know the answer to that.  A pharmacist and a biological researcher produce only one thing:  beautiful grandchildren, but that doesn't do pip-didley for my flower beds, ya know??  So, here it is...a beautiful Spring and I'm all over the stores drooling over the flats of flowers but as confused as a Midol in a man's body.  Okay.  Give me time... I'm going to make it work.  Its not going to be easy...oh, and WARNING:  anyone driving by my house in the late afternoon is liable to get a headlight full of my behind bent over pulling weeds and talking to bulbs.  But, I'm determined!  I'm a woman with garden gloves and I"m not afraid to use 'em!  I plan to have my flower beds be the next Burpee Catalogue Centerold.  Stay tuned!!!!


  1. so far we have one "bed" that's about half way filled with flowers-that my son helped me picked out LOL so it doesn't all match lol....I've added 2 new rose bushes and have a bunch of herbs growing on the front porch--so I can sorely relate LOL...

  2. Don't come down 56th Street anytime after 4... You know those pants that have "PINK" wrote on the butt of the pants... I'm going to have one that reads... "WIDE LOAD."