Saturday, March 27, 2010

The DL's of Olde Poplar Place Apartments

Today, as Mr. C and I were walking----what a day for a walk it was!!!!---we decided to drop in on "Mrs. Margurite" who had been assigned to him, as a Deacon,  to check on now and then.  We knocked on her door and a cheery "Come in" reminded me of one of the beautiful things that makes this town so special.  At first I thought to myself, "Oh, that's not safe!  You don't know who's outside your door"...but no sooner had we opened her door, I realized that she was quite safe!!!  As we stepped inside to visit, suddenly there were two other dear ladies at the door outside.  They had come to check on their make sure that she was safe.  What a sign of love!!!  Right there at Old Poplar Place Apartments, there's a coalition of DL's (Delightful Ladies) who are family, who watch out for one another, who show what good old Southern Charm is all about!!!  I can't tell you what that did for my heart!!!  But,  isn't that what it's all about?? .. In your senior years to still have the quiet company of others who only want the  best for you and are there to protect you just at the sound of a doorbell!!

  Our visit ended and as we walked off, admiring Mrs. Wilma's gorgeous flowers on the corner, I sent up a prayer of thanks for Southern Women, Southern Charm and Southern Graciousness.    Yes, Southern Graciousness...that rare spirit that is serene, quiet, peaceful but strong-- VERY Strong!!  Mr. C and  I knew that Mrs. Margurite was safe. And how did we know?   Because behind all  that Southern Charm and Graciousness, are women who are willing to grab an iron skillet and  whack the devil outta anyone that dares to mess with their friends!  God Love 'Em!!!!

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  1. My first apartment was at The Heritage apartments... those older ladies asked me questions all the time. "Why are you leaving at 7 to go get groceries?" "Who was the girl knocking on your door?"