Sunday, March 21, 2010

I'm hooked on the WWF

I am SO into the WWF. More specifically, Words With Friends.. it's a great free app on the iPhone and it's positively addicting.  You play with a friend who has an iPhone sending a play back and forth.  No need to sit still and wait, though.  It waits for you!!!!  Have a few minutes standing in the grocery line?  Pull out the old iPhone and see if you can play some letters.  Waiting for the car to fill up?  Pull it out and see if it's your turn to play!!!  It is SUCH fun and it's great exercise for the ole brain.  After you get will, I promise!...on the free one, buy the app.. it's only $2.99.  Make up a name for yourself and then send me a request to play!!!  ImHoney is my name! Come on!....get hooked on the WWF!!!


  1. I'll have to tell Terry to get it on his iphone so I can play it. Of course, I still have a crackberry.

  2. I'd love to play him... tell him to get busy!!!