Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A guest blogger's Pet Peeve

I received a call today that delighted me!!  A reader said that she was 'right there with me' on my blog about being invited to graduation ceremonies when I didn't really know the student.  She and I share another peeve and she asked if she could speak out!  I WELCOMED that and appreciate her sharing her opinion.  Let me say here, too, that anyone that would like to "have a say" in my blog, may certainly do so.  Just contact me and we'll make arrangements....and YES, you can stay anonymous on the blog. My email is:  Now, in her very own words, our guest blogger..

  I just would really like to know if, with the economy like it is (people out of jobs, looking for jobs, that need a job, and want a job), if I, myself, or somone else out there, needs to open up a card design business, that prints cutesy thank you cards, like all of these cutesy invitations to these cutesy gals bridal showers, baby showers, just plain All About Me showers, that I keep getting, and never get back a cutesy thank you from them.  You know, girls, I come from the ole school, where as soon as you received that precious gift for mini-ME, my Mama made sure that I immediately turned right around, and sat down (now this required some of my precious time) but I wrote that precious person that thought enough of me and my Mr. Right, and our new addition to the family enough to spend their time, and their money, to bless us with a gift.  Whatever they chose to buy us, was so appreciated.  Back in the day, I don't think they had such thing as a Santa Claus list, where I could just put my order in and tell everybody what I wanted, (in other words, what was GOOD ENOUGH for me).  Girls, I am so happy for you finding that knight in shining armor, and I hope you have beautiful healthy children, I really sincerely do, but just take some time away from having your french manicures, and pedicures, and air brushing your cutesy little Barbie bodies, to let us ole gals that are "old fashioned", and still live in the real world know that our gift is appreciated. We only get one Mama in this life, mine has gone on to live with Jesus, so if yours is still here, you are blessed, but don't leave it up to Mama to verbally let me know you appreciate my gift, because it's not Mama's place to start with, and second, and most important, you are going to want to teach your children two important words in their first vocabulary, and they are "Thank You", but if you don't teach them how to apply the meaning of these words, they are going to comprehend them as " I want, and I need".  I Love You, and I Look Forward to see what you come up with cutesy, to say thank you, You creative little thang.


  1. oh yea....and I don't need it to remain a secret. hello, my name is Cathy and I am guilty of NOT writing thank you notes. :)
    (cat moore,

  2. oh wait...I think my first comment didn't post. Sorry....
    i was saying this is so true. It's such a gift and blessing when people think of you, go out of their way, by you a gift with hard earned money. I need to write thank you notes better. :)

  3. I'm a thank you note freak. Terry said I send out a thank you note for even speaking to me. But I was brought up that way. If you buy me lunch, I will send a thank you note. If you send me an email that I needed to "pick me up" I send a thank you note (in the mail). It's just me and I order my thank you notes online because if they ain't cute - I ain't sending them! =)

  4. Joy, I'm the same way. There are girls at my church that haven't even said "thank you" for the gifts I've given...let alone a thank you note. In both cases, I gave the gift to someone to give for me as I wasn't going to the showers. So, how am I to know they got them? It saddens me for them because I'd like to think their mamas taught them better, but maybe not.
    And, Cathy, it's not too late for you to start dropping a quick note to someone who took the time. If someone handed something to you, you'd automatically say thank, send a note for a gift, girl!!!! Your mom would be proud!