Monday, April 26, 2010

Saying goodbye to Frank Tucker, MD....

It's happened to everyone but we're never ready.  You have a wonderful chat with a dear friend or loved one on one day and then "the call" comes...they're "gone" forever.  You can't believe what you're hearing on the other end of the call. " It can't be!"  "I was just talking to them yesterday!".... And so it was for me and my good friend, Dr. Frank Tucker, Surgeon.  Our offices are next door to each other and almost daily we had a moment of cutting up, or political yak-yak, or whatever.  I say he was a dear friend....anyone that knew him be it family, patient or friend, would call him the same thing.. "a dear friend".  He was intensely opinionated  and never waivered or backed down, stood toe to toe with you if your opinion differed, but still allowed you to have your say.  There are some people who come into your life and make a dent in your world.. and Frank Tucker was just such a man.  How blessed so many of us are to have been allowed the privilege of sharing this planet with him and we are the better for it.  I'll miss his elevator jokes, hearing him whistle, sharing lunch, and just knowing he was there.   Thank you for all you gave us,  Dr. T...but I find solace in day....I'll be seeing you.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Just watch my me create a centerfold!

Okay, most mothers may want their daughters to marry a doctor, lawyer or engineer.  Not me. Nope. I begged my daughters to marry a landscape architect. You see,  I believe that a man that piddles in his garden ought to be able to use those skills in other areas---areas that I'd leave to my daughters.  But, their skill in the dirt is what I was interested in!!!  But did my daughters do what I asked???     One has only  to drive by my house to know the answer to that.  A pharmacist and a biological researcher produce only one thing:  beautiful grandchildren, but that doesn't do pip-didley for my flower beds, ya know??  So, here it is...a beautiful Spring and I'm all over the stores drooling over the flats of flowers but as confused as a Midol in a man's body.  Okay.  Give me time... I'm going to make it work.  Its not going to be easy...oh, and WARNING:  anyone driving by my house in the late afternoon is liable to get a headlight full of my behind bent over pulling weeds and talking to bulbs.  But, I'm determined!  I'm a woman with garden gloves and I"m not afraid to use 'em!  I plan to have my flower beds be the next Burpee Catalogue Centerold.  Stay tuned!!!!

Saturday, April 10, 2010


Mr. C and I and a dear couple friend of ours zipped down to New Orleans this weekend for a quick one night trip.... the weather can only be described as delicious.  It just so happened to be the weekend that there was a Republican Leadership Conference and the French Quarter Festival but neither of those are what we went for!.. Nope.. we went to see WICKED and it was just that!!!!....Wonderful....It was my second time to see it but this time I actually got most of it.  The subtleties were so wonderful and it was absolutely captivating! It's a must see!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Love, Sidney--where'd it go?

Many people have asked me what happened to the advice column, Love Sidney, that was in the Meridian Star a year or so ago.  A little history first.. the Star had asked me to consider writing a column about..well "anything"...or more specifically...."what all you do".  I couldn't even begin to imagine anything more boring for anyone to read so after a nanno-second of thought, I graciously thanked them with a "no".  Later, they asked, given my degrees and experience in counseling, would I consider an advice column.  Thinking that might be fun, I agreed and "Love, Sidney" was born.  I had the column for a little over a year and then decided to let it go by the wayside.  I received many letters and emails but many of them became the same thing or same topic...variety disappeared mainly because we're all basically alike.  Since then, I've had many, many, many people ask me to bring it back---purely for the entertainment factor I'm sure rather than my profound wisdom and circumspection (and ability to use big ole fancy words like circumspection).  So, I offer to you through my blog, the opportunity to give me your input on this.  Do you think we need an advice column?  Should it come back like hip huggers did or should it stay gone like hip huggers should have?  Feel free to respond here or contact me via email.  Until advice:  avoid pollen.  Smart, aren't I?

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Whoever he or she was....they reminded me to Love You!

I stay glued to the tube---be it radio or television and it's always on the news.  I go between FOX and CNN.  There's no way to listen to either station and not become jaded.  To hear it told, no one likes anyone that differs in opinion.  You didn't vote for the President?  You're doomed to H*** and obviously are a racist.  You did vote for the current President?  Well, then obviously, you're an amoral moron.  You get my point. It's hard not to hear all of that and start to think that God is on vacation, that His people are wrapped up in hate and loathing.  Yep, I was pure-D-jaded.  That is...until yesterday when strangers on North Hills Street reminded me that our God is still in control and that we are still bound by love and respect for one another. How did this come to me?... by virtue of an unknown person who had passed from this life.  I don't know who he or she was. I don't know their race or their family background.  What I do know is that his or her last act to the people that were left behind was to remind us that life is precious.  Right there, on North Hills Street and on to their final destination, we put our differences  aside and pulled over or stopped in the middle lane of the street to pay our last respects to that sister or brother.  We stopped our crazy lives long enough to be reminded that life is precious and so was that person.  That no matter what's happening in Washington or Jackson or wherever, we Southerners love one another and respect the departed and support the survivors.  They saw it as we stopped our lives long enough to embrace theirs.  May we remember, always, that there's a magnificent God who loves us all despite our spots and dots and He asks for nothing more than the same from us. May your Easter be one of love for strangers and a reminder to forgive everyone. Life Resurrected. He lives!!!