Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"One nation under God"...how much longer???

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE politics.  It's consuming if you follow it, be it local or national.  I keep the news channel on all the time, volleying between FOX and CNN... can't stomach MSNBC.  I even sign on the computer and read several news sources there.  Look at North Carolina---a virtual unknown dude, who has been accused of showing porn to some young girl, who has no job and draws unemployment, sneaks in the political backdoor and gets his name on the ballot and, by cracky, he wins!!!  He's shaken 'em up in NC, for sure, teaching them that you don't assume anything in politics.  Just because your name is the best known doesn't give you a free ride.  Just ask the guy who has to battle against him in the next election.  Mr. Unknown won't win there but he's definitely had his 15 minutes.  Next door in South Carolina, a woman is facing a run-off today when it wasn't believed she'd get as far as she did.  Her opponent, a man, played hard and dirty---even questioning her conversion to Christianity and stopped short of calling her a tramp.  She showed him!!!  I say all that to briefly relate an incident:  the other day, a spirited conversation took place where I work between 2 opposing parties.  One group couldn't blast the pOTUS hard enough, telling it like it is including all the latest gaffs he's pulled concerning this oil crisis.  The other group couldn't praise him enough.  You get the picture.  But, what became clear is this:  some people simply don't pay attention to any of this, following blindly and applauding anything linked to this character's name....why? Because they don't know better.  If they actually did tune in, would they continue  to follow him?  Some would but some wouldn't.  A clear test is if our mayor decided to disallow Meridian from participating in the World Day of Prayer because it may "offend someone".  Can you imagine what would be said of her??? What if she were to decide that we'd pay homage to the Muslim faith on the grounds of City Hall?  She wouldn't make it home.  Well, that's exactly what our esteemed "leader" did....but, was much made of that nationally?...only if you looked really hard.  "One nation under God"?  ...looks like it won't be much longer if people don't wake up and really take a look at what's going on.  

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