Saturday, March 13, 2010

The cutest little sewing shop!!!!

imgres.jpg       I found the cutest little shop today!!!!  Oh my stars!!!!  And, it's off of NORTH HILLS STREET...perfect location for me and my lazy self.....The Stitchery...has fabrics and threads and yarn, yarn, and more yarn!!!  Lots of notions.  I am so geeked about, I don't sew like I used to, but there's just something about having this kind of little shop close to me when I need something like this!!!!  Makes me want to break out the ole sewing machine again!!!!  Mary owns the shop and told me we can even get hooked up for lessons---Oh My Stars!!!---how cool is that??!!!  The only downside is that I asked her if she knew anyone that might want all my unfinished projects.....I love to start projects but the finishing is a little, um, weak  shall we say.....So far, nope.  No one has come in asking if she sells unfinished projects, but she'll call me if they do!!!!  I'm totally geeked about this.. and this is NOT a commercial...just one of those moments that any of us ya-yas can understand!


  1. I know this is probably not what people want to hear who love downtown - but I'm glad she moved from downtown... she is in the perfect location now!

  2. She really, is, Pickles!!! Of course, I'm partial to North Hills first THEN Downtown. :-)

  3. AWESOME! I've been going by this place a few weeks and have been meaning to stop by-cool-will definately drop in soon.I crochet and do other crafty things-I sew,but only a little LOL,but love little shops like this....