Saturday, February 27, 2010

bare nekkid legs

First, let me say----this post is not deep.'s just necessary---for my mental health.  Read on:
Is it me or does anyone else think that in the middle of winter, women and girls look silly without hose on?  I mean, when did they change that rule?  Are we not supposed to wear hose anymore?  Gee whiz...that's just one trend that is, to me, u.g.l.y.  I'm not saying the gals are ugly---certainly not---but what's with having a darling dress or skirt on, cute little sweater or heavy coat on and  BARE legs?? When did that become a fashion statement?  Sorry, I'm going to have to just look "old fashioned" way will I inflict these bare legs on anyone during the winter.  Can anyone convince me otherwise or am I just getting    old??? 

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Dress Rehearsal for MLT

So, tonight at the Meridian Little Theater, the girls of the Dixie Swim Club finished our last partial dress rehearsal.  Tomorrow night (Wednesday) is the official dress rehearsal where we have an audience made up of a few friends and some family members who have bought a ticket for the dress rehearsal.  Each play, we are also graced with some other very special guests...various patients from East Mississippi State Hospital.  These precious souls love to come to the plays and are always so appreciative of what we have to offer from the stage.  The official night of opening is Thursday---black tie, cocktail dress, or fancy schmancy Sunday school attire...but, it's dress rehearsal Wednesday that we seem to aim for. We've been told that most of the performances are already sold out, but I understand there are still seats available for the final performance .. Wednesday, March 3.. it's a general admission---no reserved seating.  So, if you'd like to enjoy a couple hours of giggles and pure entertainment...give the theater a call (601-482-6371)!  We'd love to have you there!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Pointy little boobie cups

Well, it's the weekend for the Miss Meridian Pageant.  I only found that out about an hour ago!  I didn't even know that we still had that pageant.  Yet, it was HUUUGGGEEE  way back when...well, when I was in it!  It was so long ago that Moses was the emcee.  In fact, when I was in it, we had to have the dreaded bathing suit competition. It was so long ago, that I actually had a figure and didn't mind wearing the white, one piece suit with the modesty panel (remember those?  if you don't, don't ask).. and the pointy little boobie cups.  It was so long ago that there was very little of ME in those little pointy things!  45 years later, Madonna wears the same looking thing out on stage and makes megabucks!..but I digress.  Anyway, tomorrow night 5 young women will be competing for the "crown" (heck, they may give an ipod now instead of a crown).. I'm telling you, it was a lonnngggg time ago since I was on that stage.  At any rate, whomever the winner is, she gets to go on to the Miss Mississippi Pageant in Vicksburg.  when she gets there, though, many things will be the same:  she'll be nervous, scared and shaking, her parents will be prouder than than the winning pig at the county fair and she'll still be wearing a bathing suit in front of a gazillion people.  One thing, however, will definitely be different... she won't be sportin' no pointy little boobies looking like two weapons of mass destruction.  Good luck girls!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Dixie Swim Club

Rehearsals are well underway for MLT's next production of the Dixie Swim Club... what a hoot and holler to be "playing" with 4 terrific women---now BFF's!! If you want a couple hours of laughter and "Oh, that is SOOO me!!", then give Meridian Little Theater a buzz and ask for tickets!!! Come on!! Let's Play!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Ever had one of "those days"?

Today is one of those know the kind. Your day is lined up for you with things to do and none of them anything you really particularly want to do. As I go through the day, I check off each chore and look toward the rest of the things waiting on me. But, I see the end of this day coming, thankful that I've made it and no one had to die in the process (okay, that was a tasteless joke). Then, it dawns on me. Yikes! I only have so many days on this earth and I just wished this one away. That was stupid, wasn't it?? Okay, that's it! I'll do better tomorrow. Tomorrow I'll read some of my book I'm trying to get through, I'll eat something "illegal" (sugar content high) and will tell at least one joke to someone. That way, the day won't be a total waste. Wait...tomorrow should be GREAT... it's my birthday. I know what I'll do...I'll look for a new spot to show up on my body. They always do.