Friday, March 12, 2010

Love it/Hate it.

I love/hate days like this!!!  There's a definite hint of Spring in the air!!! ...LOVE IT.  But, if Spring is in the air, then here comes the pollen... HATE IT.  When the weather gets like this, I have big plans for my flower beds...LOVE IT.  But, it's early yet and the nurseries don't have any flats of flowers..HATE IT.  Spring means that I'm going to have a clean house...LOVE IT.  But, the only way to have a clean house is to actually clean it.. HATE IT.  Spring means an extra hour of daylight.. LOVE IT.  But, I have to set my clock back an hour Saturday night and lose an hour of much needed sleep...HATE IT.  Spring means that it won't be long before I'll be exercising in our pool... LOVE IT.  Which means I have to put on a swim suit...HATE IT.  Such conflict. So, here's how I handle it...too early to put on the swim suit, no flowers to plant, pollen is about to hit so why bother cleaning, can't do a ding dong thing about changing the clock, and if I can't exercise in the pool, might as well go buy some do-nuts.. LOVE IT.


  1. I. LOVE. IT.
    And I treated myself to some chocolate after reading this post. Oh well - what's another 5 pounds to lose! LOL

  2. can agree with that LOL-I am soo ready to start planting too but know the flowers aren't out yet at the stores-GRRRR crazy.....

  3. LOVE IT! I am ready for spring and warmer temps! Not because of the temperature, really... because if I'm honest I really love cooler temps... but I'm ready for the warmer weather because of the LAUNDRY!! All the layers on all the kids and keeping up with jackets and socks... UGH. So, I'm ready for it to warm up :-) Now if we could skip the month of yellow pollen all over everything and my head being all stopped up... that I would LOVE for sure! :-)