Saturday, February 27, 2010

bare nekkid legs

First, let me say----this post is not deep.'s just necessary---for my mental health.  Read on:
Is it me or does anyone else think that in the middle of winter, women and girls look silly without hose on?  I mean, when did they change that rule?  Are we not supposed to wear hose anymore?  Gee whiz...that's just one trend that is, to me, u.g.l.y.  I'm not saying the gals are ugly---certainly not---but what's with having a darling dress or skirt on, cute little sweater or heavy coat on and  BARE legs?? When did that become a fashion statement?  Sorry, I'm going to have to just look "old fashioned" way will I inflict these bare legs on anyone during the winter.  Can anyone convince me otherwise or am I just getting    old??? 


  1. I hate panty hose, but in the winter a tight is a perfectly acceptable stand in.

  2. Amen, Angela!! I'll admit sid, I've gone ALL WINTER without wearing the first sock (except with tennis shoes). I've worn flats all winter and just can't stand the look of a sock with them. I just wear "footless" tights... haha!!

  3. I'm with the others... I will wear tights but that is about as far as I go. But then again - I don't wear anything to really show my legs so I mainly wear the tights under pants to keep me warm. Only when I have a nice tan do I wear anything leg showy.

  4. Sidney,
    I will wear tights, but no bare legs in the winter not only because it is cold but I do not tan. And, honey tan fat looks better than white fat so I will just cover them up until summer.
    The Park Wife