Thursday, August 26, 2010

Why I've been MIA

Okay, I've not been around for awhile, but I have great reasons!!!  I had a housefull of children and grandchildren for 5 weeks.  I adored every single minute of it but it took every minute I had when I wasn't at work.  I didn't want to miss anything while they were here.  After they left, it took 48 hours to clean everything...not because they left it a mess, but because it kept my mind off the sudden quiet.  Well, that's not exactly true---my kitchen floor was so dirty, that walking across it in sock feet, I was guaranteed to step in some unknown substance and would walk right out of the sock!  That was followed by my 40th Class Reunion.  I look back on my years of school and am amazed that I was allowed to start school at 2.  No way am I old enough to be out for that many years!  It was faboo, though.  The MHS Class of '70 has turned out possibly the MOST "famous" people of all the classes!!!  More on them on another blog.

 Then, my DH (dear hubby) and I left for a week with two precious friends on an "eat your way through 3 states" tour.  Is it true that calories don't stick when they're consumed 100 miles away from your house?  I'll let you know later!  Anyway, I'm back and plan on getting back to the blog soon.  Let me hear from you!


  1. Glad you are back, sounds like you had a fun grandparents camp at your house! Looking forward to reading about and seeing pictures from your reunion!