Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who are you and why are you inviting me???

Overheard  between two recent high school graduates:   "Hey man, how much did you make off your graduation?"   "Man, I got almost six hundred dollars!  Lots of checks and some cash.  You?" 

...and so the conversation continued.   You may wish to blast me for  this blog, but blast away, at least I'm not "obligated" to send you a check.   Having said that, let me ask:  Am I obligated to give a gift to everyone that sends me an invitation?

 Yes, I know it's an accomplishment when one graduates from high school, but it used to be that it really was a big deal.  However, that was yeeearrrsss  ago.  Nowadays, high school graduation is pretty much a given.  The bigger deal is to graduate from college.  Look, I don't discount that there are many wonderful young people who have obtained the highest educational level that they'll be able to reach and it is for them that I truly celebrate.  I applaud them and will lavish them with praise and a check.  Now, back to the ones who we expected to graduate h.s. and for whom it's just a bump in their educational road to higher success.  I sit here looking at no less than 27 invitations to various graduation ceremonies and 6 of them I don't even know.  What's with that??   Do I plan to send them a gift?  Truth? No.  Thank you for letting me know that you made it.  I'm pleased for you.  Glad you made it.  Who are you?  

Yep, those of you reading this may have a whole new opinion of me but I'm willing to risk it.  I just don't think that graduation should be made into an easy 'money-making' venture nor do I think anyone should feel obligated to shell out moola to someone they don't know simply because the sender invested 43 cents to let me know they made it.  Perhaps your invitation should read:  "I graduated from high school.  Your prompt check will be appreciated".  But, to those of you who I've watched grow up, cheered your successes and actually feel a tweak of pride for you and for your parents, I will celebrate with you.  Watch the mail.


  1. Right there with ya sistah! Here is another thing, I have always given the high school graduate a gift that has something to do with their future. This year I got monogrammed stationary for the girls with their college emblem on them. So, when these kids say just send money, it drives me crazy because I know they are not going to spend it on their future. I also had someone say they wanted some kind of video game...for graduation...to reward them and prepare them for their future???? Unless they are going to be a high tech game designer, I think this is unacceptable; most likely they are going to be lazy, video game playing, college class skipping kids. O.K. I am hopping off my soapbox now Sid!
    The Park Wife

  2. Makes me sick Sidney! We got 4 in the mail this year... one of which we sent a gift to. The others... either I hadn't seen or heard from them in years or I just met them a month ago. And I'm sorry, but I'm not made of money and I can't afford to give to everyone. So with that said... I wish them the best but I'm gonna keep my money.

  3. gotta agree with you....I only send $ gifts to close family--thank goodness I have ALOT of years before the next round of graduates--most of the "kids" of the family have already graduated or are in college.27 invitations! OH boy-gotta agree with you....lol