Wednesday, May 26, 2010

I'm a QVC Addict

Hello, my name is Sid and I am a QVC addict..... .  

And that's exactly how it'd be IF there were a support group for us. There should be!!!  I just ordered the Ninja Master Prep Professional Food and Drink Maker.  By June 10, I'll be whipping up strawberry diaqueries, iced coffees, and homemade soups.  I get giddy just thinking about putting the ground beef AND the cheese into the machine and mixing them together BEFORE I pat the burger out.  Oh my....wait.. ITALIAN ICE!!  I can't stand it... it's a "frozen banina" or something like that.,.. I couldn't hear the little guy over the sound of the powerful motor. BUT I DON"T CARE!... I'm going to be grinding out guacamole and my very own salsa while the rest of you poor dears are schlepping it to the grocery to buy that jarred stuff.  I think I'll hook up my web cam and do my own in-kitchen demos for you that weren't fast enough to get your own thingamajig.  Oh, gee whiz....they've just taken that one off the air and just in time!  I got it ordered!!  I got it ordered!!!! UPS is coming to my house!  I can just imagine the thrill of the doorbell.  I'll let you know when I'll be firing up the webcam.  Stay tuned....

And, by looking at what Jane (the QVC hostess that is my BFF), is pushing now--YIKES! ....the clock is ticking and they've already sold 28,670 and there's only 36 seconds left..... I'm going to be chopping, dicing and mixing wearing a new Flower and Solid Turble Twist Hair Towel.  And it comes in a pack of 6!!!

I CAN'T STAND IT!!!!   This is too much. I've gotta go lie down.

Monday, May 24, 2010

Recovering from Vacations

Back to the grind...  have been gone to the beach for a solid week!  It was beautiful, weather perfect, surrounded by 2 precious grand babies and 2 of our 4 children, no oil in sight, no crowds, pure delight.  So, why do I feel like poopookaka?  Could it be because I actually SAW myself in a swim suit and made up my mind that, as soon as I got home, I'd hit the ground running with exercise??  Yep.  I did.  So, for 2 days, I've water jogged in the pool wearing 3 pound weights on both ankles plus weights on my wrists.  I even went walking for an additional 3 miles afterward.  After 6 days of unrepentant snacking, unbiblical gorging, and voracious grazing, I deserved post-vacation exercise pain. Well, it's time to get ready for work and  I can't move.  I'm 'stove up' from sleeping like a potential corpse brought on by all that stupid exercise. What was I thinking??  What made me think that I could pay for 6 days of "calories don't stick when you're out of town" thinking with just 2 days of "a little exercise and this will fall off" behavior modification?  I must have been out of my mind!  Well, I've learned something valuable about myself.  ... something that I think I'll be embracing from now on:  I shed guilt a lot faster and easier than pounds.  So, with that new resolve, I'm calling in sick claiming that I'm suffering from post-vacation exhaustion and then, I'm headed back to bed!!!  Happy Last Week of May everyone! 

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Let's talk about affairs.....

Okay, this topic is "heavy', but I feel the need to say it.  As a Counselor, I see a LOT of married people...well, truth be told, I see a lot of ONE part of the married couple.  I've been a Counselor since 1974 and so I've seen and heard a LOT.  More often than not, the one I see is the wife.  So, it is with that in mind, I'm simply going to make some observations that are directed to the husbands....
1)..  The phrase, "We're just good friends" doesn't wash. " Good friends" are generally not a man and a woman nor do they  spend countless hours on the cell phone either in conversation or in texts.
2)...  I know that the 'new woman' is fresh and exciting, but don't fool yourself into thinking her breath won't smell and she won't nag.  One day, she'll be just like the woman you married that you think is so 'yesterday'.  All new brooms sweep clean.
3)... Don't think that your new relationship will last.  If it was born from an adulterous affair, it's foundation is made of sand.  Trust me.  You've fallen for a cheater.  So has she.  Who can trust a cheater??
4)...When you divorce your spouse, you divorce your children.  You and your wife were their foundation.  You've cracked it.
5)... Talking ugly about your ex or soon-to-be-ex to your children is sending the message to them that part of them is "bad".  They are half you/half mom.  You're telling them that half of them is no good.
6)... No matter how much you think you'll be in the lives of your children and that it won't change a're wrong.  Picture another man (woman) parenting your children.  It's going to happen.  And you can't do a blame thing about it.
7)...If you're divorced and you keep taking your ex back to court over child support, you're doing nothing but using your children as a source of income.

....There's plenty more where that came from and I might get into it later in another blog. I've just been so burdened by several counseling cases I've been involved in lately and felt the need to say some of these things.  If it pertains to you, I hope you'll heed my expertise.  If none of this pertains to you, forgive me for getting off the path.  

Whew!  I feel better.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

It's quiet in the hospital room.....

I knock softly on the hospital door hoping not to disturb anyone in the room.  Slowly, quietly, I open the door and peek in.  The room is quiet; no one stirs.  I look at the patient and I see the face of an elderly and beautiful woman.  She's White.  She's Black.  She's Indian.  It doesn't matter.  Etched on that face are wrinkles that life put there, formed by years of devotion, joy, sadness, pride and determination that her children would grow in the love and admonition of the Lord.  God chose this woman to be the mother to the children He gave to her--- to mold into His image through her heart and hands.  The covers are pulled up to her chin.  I can see nothing of her other than her face.  But, I know.  I know she's a GOOD mother.  How do I know?  Because sleeping on the sofa beside her hospital bed, having kept vigil all night, is her adult child.  It's her son.  It's her daughter. It doesn't matter.  That person is there because he or she loves the woman in the bed...the same woman that, years and years earlier, sat by the crib that held her child, that listened to her baby's breathing, that touched the child's soft cheeks and marveled at this creation she had a part in. But life has come full circle.  The baby now keeps vigil...  I stand there and hear soft breathing and  I know they're dreaming..different dreams yet common dreams from memories made together in a life that they shared. Their days are numbered and they want to spend the few they have left together.  That is as it should be.  They were together when it started.  They should be together when it ends.  Her work is done yet it will go on as the circle her love is passed to the next generation and the one after that.....until that day.... May everyday be Mother's Day.  

Friday, May 7, 2010

The Producers

Oh my stars!  What a delightful evening I shared with a friend... well, a room full of the Meridian Little Theater last night.  I wasn't really sure how they were gonna pull off something as challenging as The Producers, but they did it!  It was pure charm and fun.  As Berryl was saying as we exited, "I didn't think it'd be very good since it was about Nazi's", but she was as surprised as I.  It just was.  Jimmy Pigford and his crew has given us another hit and if you have time, go!  If you don't have time, make it!  Tickets are still available and the show just opened last night so there's plenty of time to find a couple of free hours to sit back and be thoroughly entertained.  If you miss it, then grab the next copy of 393 because Joy was there snapping away---and looking cuter than a newborn pup---and you'll get to see who all showed up!  Be there or be square., off to find a small little something for a small little mom who is the best momma in the world.. MINE!

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Who me? Get a Tattoo???

There are some really interesting things about getting older....face it:  we all are doing just that.  You have to embrace it, girls!!!  There were so many fads I bought in to growing up...bobby socks, "falls"(hair pieces), big ole teased hump on the top of your head (today someone's making a mint selling 'em as "Bump-its"), hip huggers (yes they're back), tent dresses, circle pins, side-hanging ponytails, add-a-bead necklaces, charm bracelets...the list goes on and on.  But, one fad we would NEVER have thought of was getting a tattoo. stars!!!  I remember when it was the big thing to get your ears pierced.  We were warned about the permanency of those holes in our ears.  But a tattoo???  And, now they're appearing everywhere---on girls---YOUNG girls.  Hey, I'm all for you expressing yourself. Knock yourself out.  If you want to pierce your tongue, go ahead.  Wanna wear 14 studs in each ear, be my guest.  But a tattoo.  Well, let me warn you:  One day your body is going to produce it's own little set of art work.  It'll show up while you sleep and in places that makeup won't cover up---unless you want to put the ole makeup base on the back of your hands and across your chest.  But be forewarned:  any flower you put on your boobettes will eventually be a long stemmed one.  A butterfly peaking out over your thongs today will be looking out at the world over Depends. And your ankles most likely won't be spared either.  Cute today: covered by ankle fat tomorrow.  Sorry, girls.  Those are the rules.  You'll learn as we more mature babes are learning:  one day whatever you've got is going to grow wider, longer or leak.  Have a nice day.