Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A guest blogger's Pet Peeve

I received a call today that delighted me!!  A reader said that she was 'right there with me' on my blog about being invited to graduation ceremonies when I didn't really know the student.  She and I share another peeve and she asked if she could speak out!  I WELCOMED that and appreciate her sharing her opinion.  Let me say here, too, that anyone that would like to "have a say" in my blog, may certainly do so.  Just contact me and we'll make arrangements....and YES, you can stay anonymous on the blog. My email is:  Now, in her very own words, our guest blogger..

  I just would really like to know if, with the economy like it is (people out of jobs, looking for jobs, that need a job, and want a job), if I, myself, or somone else out there, needs to open up a card design business, that prints cutesy thank you cards, like all of these cutesy invitations to these cutesy gals bridal showers, baby showers, just plain All About Me showers, that I keep getting, and never get back a cutesy thank you from them.  You know, girls, I come from the ole school, where as soon as you received that precious gift for mini-ME, my Mama made sure that I immediately turned right around, and sat down (now this required some of my precious time) but I wrote that precious person that thought enough of me and my Mr. Right, and our new addition to the family enough to spend their time, and their money, to bless us with a gift.  Whatever they chose to buy us, was so appreciated.  Back in the day, I don't think they had such thing as a Santa Claus list, where I could just put my order in and tell everybody what I wanted, (in other words, what was GOOD ENOUGH for me).  Girls, I am so happy for you finding that knight in shining armor, and I hope you have beautiful healthy children, I really sincerely do, but just take some time away from having your french manicures, and pedicures, and air brushing your cutesy little Barbie bodies, to let us ole gals that are "old fashioned", and still live in the real world know that our gift is appreciated. We only get one Mama in this life, mine has gone on to live with Jesus, so if yours is still here, you are blessed, but don't leave it up to Mama to verbally let me know you appreciate my gift, because it's not Mama's place to start with, and second, and most important, you are going to want to teach your children two important words in their first vocabulary, and they are "Thank You", but if you don't teach them how to apply the meaning of these words, they are going to comprehend them as " I want, and I need".  I Love You, and I Look Forward to see what you come up with cutesy, to say thank you, You creative little thang.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

"One nation under God" much longer???

Anyone who knows me knows that I LOVE politics.  It's consuming if you follow it, be it local or national.  I keep the news channel on all the time, volleying between FOX and CNN... can't stomach MSNBC.  I even sign on the computer and read several news sources there.  Look at North Carolina---a virtual unknown dude, who has been accused of showing porn to some young girl, who has no job and draws unemployment, sneaks in the political backdoor and gets his name on the ballot and, by cracky, he wins!!!  He's shaken 'em up in NC, for sure, teaching them that you don't assume anything in politics.  Just because your name is the best known doesn't give you a free ride.  Just ask the guy who has to battle against him in the next election.  Mr. Unknown won't win there but he's definitely had his 15 minutes.  Next door in South Carolina, a woman is facing a run-off today when it wasn't believed she'd get as far as she did.  Her opponent, a man, played hard and dirty---even questioning her conversion to Christianity and stopped short of calling her a tramp.  She showed him!!!  I say all that to briefly relate an incident:  the other day, a spirited conversation took place where I work between 2 opposing parties.  One group couldn't blast the pOTUS hard enough, telling it like it is including all the latest gaffs he's pulled concerning this oil crisis.  The other group couldn't praise him enough.  You get the picture.  But, what became clear is this:  some people simply don't pay attention to any of this, following blindly and applauding anything linked to this character's name....why? Because they don't know better.  If they actually did tune in, would they continue  to follow him?  Some would but some wouldn't.  A clear test is if our mayor decided to disallow Meridian from participating in the World Day of Prayer because it may "offend someone".  Can you imagine what would be said of her??? What if she were to decide that we'd pay homage to the Muslim faith on the grounds of City Hall?  She wouldn't make it home.  Well, that's exactly what our esteemed "leader" did....but, was much made of that nationally?...only if you looked really hard.  "One nation under God"?  ...looks like it won't be much longer if people don't wake up and really take a look at what's going on.  

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

What is the president thinking?

The only time I can recall getting involved in my children's school experience where I vehemently decried a teacher's decision was when the entire class was required to write an essay on cheating when it was discovered that only 2 students had cheated. I don't remember all the particulars, but I do recall that the assignment was revoked...well, that's not all I remember--I remember sitting in Principal Autry's office trying to articulate it as clearly as possible while praying that my neck wasn't too flushed.  The idea of group punishment for the sins of a few is as ridiculous as closing I-20 for 6 months because 2 cars collided.  Or, as crazy as saying that no one can purchase a vehicle from ABC Dealer because those 2 cars were purchased there.  I should not be punished for something YOU did.  Of course, there are exceptions:  speed limits were set because speeding can hurt ALL of us, no public smoking because of second-hand effects, etc.  But, those limitations are permanent protection.  We're not disallowed from speeding for 6 months so that we can all learn the lesson nor are we not allowed to smoke in a public building for only a few short months but can resume after the required "sit out" time.  Those things are permanent and they should be.  Get my point?  Good.   Now, will someone tell me why our president (not capitalized on purpose) thinks everyone should be punished because of one oil companies horrible actions??  Why should the good people who depend on the fishing industry to feed and clothe their families be penalized for the sins of BP?  Look, if I had a wreck at an intersection one time, you can bet your bippy that I'd be more cautious the next time I encountered that intersection even if the fender bender wasn't my error!!!  Does the pOTUS not think that other  companies would not be even MORE cautious of their drilling now that they've seen what could happen?  Does he not think that Americans have more sense???  It would seem to me that, given the immeasurable financial toll that this devastation in the Gulf is creating for the entire coastal region, he'd do all he could to infuse an off balance to their economy by allowing others to continue to generate prosperity!!  What a piece of work.

Saturday, June 12, 2010


You know...sometimes, there's just nothing more to say when you take picture of flowers.  These are on my front porch.  They're purple petunias with a light green edging.  'Nuff said.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Paul McCartney.. stay home.

I don't know if you've paid attention amidst all the real news about the nightmare in our ocean.. but while our coastal neighbors were worrying about how they would make a living now that the oil on the beach has forever changed their lives...our president was being serenaded by Paul McCartney... on OUR tax dollar.  But, that's not what bothers me the most.  No.  What really gets my step-ins in a wad was McCartney's totally tasteless, unnecessary and definitely UNfunny remark about President Bush.  Maybe Mr. Mc deserves the Gershwin Award..woopie do...but to turn around and smack America in the face is beyond the reach of civility.  The award was given at the Library of Congress and after thanking the audience, he quipped how nice it was that "after 8 years to have a president who knows what a library is".   You know what, Paul, we wouldn't insult your queen.  We revere your royalty and pay them the utmost respect because that's how we do things here in America.  You were given the award by US and for you to turn around and insult us is pretty sorry.  Your rendition of Meeeechele to the first lady was touching but you shoulda stopped there---with singing.  Next time you're here, do us all a favor, just shut up and sing.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Who are you and why are you inviting me???

Overheard  between two recent high school graduates:   "Hey man, how much did you make off your graduation?"   "Man, I got almost six hundred dollars!  Lots of checks and some cash.  You?" 

...and so the conversation continued.   You may wish to blast me for  this blog, but blast away, at least I'm not "obligated" to send you a check.   Having said that, let me ask:  Am I obligated to give a gift to everyone that sends me an invitation?

 Yes, I know it's an accomplishment when one graduates from high school, but it used to be that it really was a big deal.  However, that was yeeearrrsss  ago.  Nowadays, high school graduation is pretty much a given.  The bigger deal is to graduate from college.  Look, I don't discount that there are many wonderful young people who have obtained the highest educational level that they'll be able to reach and it is for them that I truly celebrate.  I applaud them and will lavish them with praise and a check.  Now, back to the ones who we expected to graduate h.s. and for whom it's just a bump in their educational road to higher success.  I sit here looking at no less than 27 invitations to various graduation ceremonies and 6 of them I don't even know.  What's with that??   Do I plan to send them a gift?  Truth? No.  Thank you for letting me know that you made it.  I'm pleased for you.  Glad you made it.  Who are you?  

Yep, those of you reading this may have a whole new opinion of me but I'm willing to risk it.  I just don't think that graduation should be made into an easy 'money-making' venture nor do I think anyone should feel obligated to shell out moola to someone they don't know simply because the sender invested 43 cents to let me know they made it.  Perhaps your invitation should read:  "I graduated from high school.  Your prompt check will be appreciated".  But, to those of you who I've watched grow up, cheered your successes and actually feel a tweak of pride for you and for your parents, I will celebrate with you.  Watch the mail.