Thursday, March 4, 2010

Eww...what's with the hair???

Okay, I've made my point about bare legs in the winter .. and thanks ladies...I'm all about tights too!...but now, will  someone tell me this:  what's with the "messed up hair look"?  I don't get it?? Are we supposed to rise in the morning and mess our hair up worse than what the pillow did?  I see these stars on tv with elaborate gowns on and their hair looks like a cow has been licking it.  If the wind blows, do they get happy 'cause the hair looks worse??  One girl I know works hard to make hers look like what can only be described as a bird's nest.  Okay, mine's not wonderful, granted, but I do own a comb and i'm not afraid to use it.  Can someone tell me why it's supposed to be messy? 


  1. Sorry Sidney... I'll start brushing my hair before going in to work. =)

  2. You're SOOO bad, Pickles I didn't mean you!!! I didn't mean anyone in particular, actually. I'm just trying to learn why it supposedly looks good. I see 'em and I think, "Poor dear. They must have had a house fire and their brush and mirrors burned up". See? I have compassion even for the folic-ly challenged.

  3. You've gotta wonder who thought of it and how did catch on. That's pretty much been my observation about the "beehive", remember? :)